Card24™ is based on cutting edge technology allowing it to work with all card's printing machines available on the market, thus Card24™ supporting all kinds of printing technologies
• Embossing
• Tipping
• Thermal
• Ect.
It has the capability to split the jobs over several machines per
• Product
• Branch
Cards could be sorted by
• Branch
• Product
• Cardholder name
• Etc.
Errors are also reported by the y in colors and with description, and erroneous cards could be reprinted immediately without reauthorization.

Issue a bunch of cards in few minutes

  • Security and control at central
  • Fast implementation and deployment
  • Easy to maintain
  • Personalizing bunch of cards in few minutes
  • Cardholder contract edition
  • Card mailer
  • PIN mailer
  • Matching between card and letters