XRL (XPI Real-time Language) is a simple yet powerful language created by XPI.It can perform all Card24™ related directives.


XRL is a fast real-time directive-based language, which provides the possibility of adding new guidelines and integrating them directly as keywords. The add-on is used to speed up the process or to collect several features in a single call.


Card24™ can also automatically generate the XRL scripts based on predefined templates that are related to parameters from the GUI. The final script is understandable by Card24™ .


Therefore, only the settings or the template need to be modified in order to cater for the new needs and requirements that may arise over time. Thus, providing a flexibility unparalleled in the market of electronic payment systems.
Card24™ covers two very important aspects :
  • The flexibility and the fully customizable package.
  • GUI based customization where you can add any parameter.