Card Management System

A few clicks are enough to smoothly and safely generate cards that respect international standards. The same goes for the cards allocation, activation or deactivation.

It allows management of all operations related to : New card issuance, lost or damaged card replacement, and Pin regeneration.


  • Card numbers generation.
  • Card management.
  • Bin management.
  • Product management.
  • Management of smart card applications and their attributes.
  • Card personalization.
  • Card files integration.
  • Batch card generation.
  • Management of the different attributes related to the card.
  • Expired and/or dormant cards report.
  • Card replacement.
  • Management of the entities related to the card.
  • Management of the addresses related to the card.
  • Management of the operations related to the card.
  • Automatic generation of card fees.
  • Card transactions (Purchase, withdrawal, Chargeback, etc.).
  • Cardholders claim management.