Mobile Banking services, of Card24™, allow customers to receive updates of the status of their accounts. Updates and information received can be both automatic (periodic or following an event) or at the customer request.

These services are :
  • Mini statements and viewing account history.
  • Tracking of deposits.
  • Access to credit statements.
  • Access to card statements.
  • Management of the insurance policy.
  • Management of pensions.
  • Checks status and opposition on the cheques.
  • Chequebook request.
  • Balance enquiry.
  • Recent transactions.
  • Repayment maturity.
  • Functionalities of PIN change.
  • Functionalities of internet reminders.
  • Blocking lost or stolen cards.
  • Etc.


Mobile payment however allows the following functionalities:
  • National and international transfers.
  • Micro-payments.
  • Mobile topups.
  • Processing of commercial payments.
  • Processing of bill payment.
  • Peer to peer payments.
  • Credit bureau.
  • Withdrawal from the branch.
  • Deposit of money in the branch