POS Terminal


The POS application is a high-level solution embeded in the POS to organize, process and facilitate the payment transactions managed by Card24™.

Under ISO 8583 standard, the POS application communicates with the Card24™ payment system.


  • Each accomplished transaction is recorded instantly on Card24™.
  • The POS application manages online and offline transactions.
  • Online transactions are stored in real time on the POS and on Card24™.
  • Offline transactions are stored in the POS waiting their daily backup on Card24™


POS application provides several functionalities :

  • POSaccepts EMV smart cards, and private smart cards (electronic purses) and magnetic strip cards, etc.
  • POS communicates in GPRS, ETHERNET, Wi-Fi and in dial-up.


POS allows the following online and offline transactions

  • Purchase of goods and services.
  • Transfer (card to card, card to account,account to account, account to card).
  • Cash deposit.
  • Credit repayment.
  • Printing mini statements.
  • Bill payment.
  • The management of different currencies.
  • Purchasing topups.
  • Reversing transactions.
  • PIN change.
  • Card activation.
  • PIN reset (In case of PIN lost).
  • Recording the attempted use of stop listed cards.
  • Printing receipt duplicate.
  • Sending the list of operations to the server.
  • Audit : allows you to create multiple users on the same POS where each transaction is recorded withThe ID of the user who performed it.
  • Giving access rights to users according to their profils.
  • Printing user reports.
  • The accumulation of loyalty points after each purchase.
  • Customizable automatic sending of end of the day batches and download the list of stop lists.
  • Display bank logo on the initial screen.
  • Printing loyalty points.
  • Calculation and management of transaction fees.