Card24© et Core24©  are the solutions devlopped by XPI using the latest technologies and they are :


  • Complete: containing all the necessary modules to manage payment systems (switching, flow control, security, issuing, accounting, etc...).
  • Robust and easily maintainable: it uses the latest computing technologies and the best development standards available in the market (java, C++, web services, XML…).
  • Fully scalable, because of its SOA (N tiers) architecture, allowing each module to be independent and thus minimizing the impacts of every evolution. 
  • Completely secure: not only because it is based on the EMV standards, the international encrypting standards and PCI, but also because of its flow control module.
  • Entirely documented and detailed. This makes it easy to use for all users, even new users and those having not profited from the training session.